JO DIGGS           Appliqué Artist and Teacher

Meet the Artist

Jo has created appliqué landscapes for over thirty years and has been teaching art for even longer. Her multi-layered landscapes impart a sense of serenity, showing deep vistas lit by soft-colored light. The majority of her current production is matted appliqué pictures of landscapes or fish. The most recent quilts are a series of the Four Seasons: Remembered Vistas (Autumn), Many Winters, Summer in a Shade Garden and Spring.

In her classes Jo teaches the method of designing that she uses, free-cutting without using patterns. Her many years of practice at both creating her own work and teaching, ensure good outcomes for class participants. Jo is dedicated to sharing information and making her students successful.

Contrary to current fashion, Jo can be contacted only by phone or via US mail.

Mailing address:    191 Ashmont Street; Portland, ME 04103-3001

Telephone number:    207-773-3405

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